Stop Antisemitism

Stop Antisemitism

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Amsterdam, Toulouse, Brussels en Paris. Copenhagen, Malmö and Berlin.

The cities above are all places where Jews have been attacked, and worse, murdered, in recent years. Holy places are no longer safe. Synagogues must be guarded and Jewish Schools have become fortresses.

Three quarters of a century after the Holocaust, and here in Europe Jewish people remain targets of prejudice and hatred. We still cannot offer them the safe home they are entitled to. The democratic constitutional state in Europe stands or falls with the freedom and security of minorities. All forms of discrimination, racism and exclusion are reprehensible and must be tackled. Minorities must be able to count on protection. Jewish citizens are included in this. Jewish people are inextricably linked to our societies and despite the discrimination and persecution that they suffer, they continue to make rich contributions to our communities.

History has shown us what happens if you leave prejudice and hate to roam free. It is precisely for this reason that we must fight back against anti-Semitism. It is also important that we do not allow Anti-Semitism to be trivialised or normalised.

The figures are disturbing. Research by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights shows that nearly nine out of ten European Jews believe that anti-Semitism has increased in the EU over the past five years. Almost 30 percent of Jews in the EU say they have been harassed at least once in the previous 12 months because of their Jewish origin, but only one in five of them go to the police. 34 percent avoid visiting the synagogue and Jewish events for security reasons. More than a third of respondents (38%) have considered emigrating in the last 5 years because they do not feel safe in the country where they live.

We have failed if we cannot offer security to the Jewish community in Europe. Anti-Semitic attacks and incidents are also an attack on the fundamental values and human rights that are central to the European Union. That is why, with this petition, we call attention to a more effective approach to anti-Semitism in Europe.


We call on the new European Commission to make anti-Semitism one of the spearheads. We call for the following:

  1. Special attention to preventing and combating all forms of anti-Semitism in combating discrimination, racism and xenophobia.
  2. Member States' endorsement of the working definition used by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).
  3. Everything needed to guarantee the safety of Jewish communities, institutions and citizens, including taking security measures where necessary.
  4. Increasing the willingness to make a declaration and removing experienced barriers to make a declaration.
  5. Take appropriate measures against hate crime and incitement to violence or hatred against Jewish people.
  6. Attention in education for the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the centuries-long history in Europe and the diversity and vitality of the Jewish community.
Petition Antisemitism
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